Google I/O 2017 Retrospective

Sundar Pachai Tweet: Thanks to everyone for joining us in person and online for #io17! See you again next year :) Google I/O officially began on Wednesday May 17th and concluded on Friday May 19th. As conferences go the amount of material covered is enough to make you feel brain dead. What I mean by “material [...]

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The Pressure on Google I/O 2017 – My Predictions

Preparations are in full swing at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View California for Google I/O 2017. Google has used this event historically to announce products, initiatives, or to share its vision for the coming twelve months. I am not implying there is any pressure on Google, but it is important to remember Microsoft just concluded [...]

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Microsoft to Challenge Google’s Classroom Dominance

  Microsoft is expected to challenge Google’s dominance in the classroom with announcements from a press conference in New York City streamed to the web on May 2nd. Although no details are available, what are the potential impacts of this event? The education equation consists of three key elements; affordable hardware, robust apps, and ease of [...]

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CES 2017 – Google News and Rumors

  Even before the wheels kiss the payment you can feel the excitement when you land at McCarran International Airport Las Vagas Nevada. If there ever was a town which symbolizes the dream of great fulfillment it is Las Vagas. The Consumer’s Electronic Show or CES extends the new year holiday cheer by opening its doors [...]

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